All About Plantation Shutters

- Wednesday, November 30, 2016
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Plantation shutters are a fantastic window treatment option. Lower in price comparison to custom drapery and high in quality and elegance, plantation shutters are a great choice that can actually be financed by your building cost or the purchase price of your home.

According to Ballina Blinds, a provider of plantation shutters Ballina, this type of shutters is a popular choice of window covering for kitchens in particular. Buyers can choose from a wide range of plantation shutters that come in different louver sizes, styles and finishes. Some shutters come with a narrow divider rail to allow for them to be controlled separately in the top and bottom sections. The size of the louver is a persona decision. However, as a guideline, you can choose smaller louvers for smaller windows in small spaces and larger louvers for large windows in large, spacious rooms.

If you have chosen a professional blinds company to purchase your plantation shutters, there are several important features to consider. For starters, your windows will be measured for the shutters. You need not worry about the size or shape of your windows as plantation shutters can be fitted to size or shaped window. The next thing to consider is the amount of light you wish to let in to your home. There are many ways in which plantation shutters can control the light let into a space. From separately controlled panels all the way to locked panels, many different features can be enjoyed with these shutters. Consult with your blinds company and decide on the features and functionality you desire.

Don’t forget to inquire about tension adjustment screws when you shop for plantation shutters. These are important to prevent the drooping of louvers. Mortised hinges are also a good idea if the shutters are installed within a frame. Pine is generally considered to be a poor choice for shutters. Consult with your provider to pick the ideal type of wood. Be sure that the side rails are at least 1.5 inches in thickness to prevent the panel from warping. Last, but not least, choose a blinds company with a great reputation and proven track record.

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