Top Tips for Purchasing Sunscreen Blinds for Your Home

- Wednesday, November 30, 2016
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In a sunny area such as Ballina, sunscreen blinds are among the most popular window furnishings in the market. These are a type of blinds that allow homeowners to maintain a view of their lovely surroundings without completely darkening their interiors. Sunscreen blinds are excellent at reducing glare and heat while filtering out the harsh sunlight.

With so many different varieties of sunscreen blinds in the market, making the right choice can be a bit difficult for consumers. Here, at Ballina Blinds, we provide a range of high quality sunscreen blinds that provide excellent value for your money. Therefore, we are happy to provide you with some great tips to choose the best blinds Ballina has to offer.

Pick a great quality fabric

Think of your sunscreen blinds as an investment. There is such a wide variety of sunscreen blinds out there in the market. By choosing a quality blinds company that is known for offering great quality products, you will get great returns for your money. Look for good quality blinds made by local, American or European manufacturers for the best results. Sunscreen fabric should ideally contain a high percentage of vinyl with a polyester core to make the fabric stronger. Avoid choosing 100% polyester or PVC as they can deteriorate with time.

Get your blinds fitted properly

The last thing you want is a set of sunscreen blinds that are simply cut down to your opening sizes. Instead, look for blinds that are custom made for a great fit and long lasting use.

Think about the warranty

A typical 12 month warranty is a good choice for sunscreen blind. Within this period, any faults with the fabric, parts or workmanship may be detected. If you care for your sunscreen blinds properly and you have chosen a quality blinds company as your provider, you are likely to get years and years of great use out of them.  

Consider the colour and transparency

Normally, sunscreen blinds are made with fabric with a 5% open weave which allows light to filter through. This is what makes enables the blinds to provide a view of the outside during the day time. However, when the lights are turned on and it is dark outside, people are able to see inside through the blinds. Different coloured sunscreen blinds provide different levels of transparency. Darker colours absorb more light and allow a clearer view of the outside while light colours reflect light and the view is less transparent. Darker colours also retain a bit more heat in comparison to lighter colours.

Think about your requirements

If you are looking for privacy, sunscreen blinds alone won’t be the best option as they allow the interior to be seen from outside during the evenings when the lights are turned on. For greater privacy, you may combine sunscreen blinds with another type of blinds such as roller blinds which can be mounted on a double bracket. They are also not the right choice if you are trying to retain heat during the winter. The open weave of the material allows heat to escape through the holes. Contact your blinds company and find out what suits your requirements before you make your choice.